I knew about GSoC from 2017.Applied for WSO2 Open Source Organization. But unfortunately the project was not in the finalized list from google for WSO2. It was my final year in the university so nothing to do, 2018 went like a race I was not a university student anymore.But I always wanted to participate at least once.And in the mean time I enrolled in my Masters degree programme so I got the second life line and thought I will never give up on this year GSoC.

OpenMRS is a great opensource organization which has contributors from all around the globe working towards to make human life’s better.From 2018 end I was looking at the organizations which were part of the last year GSoC and I already knew OpenMRS was participating as a Mentor organization for a long time now.As the next step wanted to involve with the community and I was amazed to see the talk forum which is a great example to say OpenMRS is a next level opensource organization.

Contributing to the organization

If you’re thinking about participating in a GSoC Programme this is a must.You have to contribute for the organization that you’re going to contribute.I worked with OCL Client project which is a React Based application and actively under development by Andela with OpenMRS,Also did contributions to the OpenMRS Core and Reporting tool which is again a React based project.Apart from that I participated in few weekly update calls as well.

Next Step writing the proposal

During this period of time you should have selected the project which you’re going to contribute to.And you should start communicating with the mentors to get basic understand about the scope and the tasks that you have to work during the period this will help you to make a great proposal. Make sure to keep in touch with mentors and get the feed back from them.

What to do after submission

I noticed few students who were in threads before the proposal submission and was not after it’s done.This is the actual period which decides weather you’re getting the opportunity or not.Make sure to interact more and work more during this period of time.

After Result Comes

It was June 6th in 2019.After so much waiting I got the email from google.And in the next day we were addressed by OpenMRS on the next steps to work on.Currently we are on the community bonding period.I have started doing some work as well since it will be more easier to manage things before the deadlines.And had meetings with my mentors as well.Looking forward for a great time with OpenMRS

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