The coding period begins right after the community bonding period and it’s time for all of us to get started with our project work.

I am working on a project to Expose System Metrics For Monitoring. In this project, we will be defining a framework for openMRS to collect data and system metrics.

Setting up the Project

When working on the style migration I clearly identified that it will be task which involves few modules.

After following the wiki on OpenMRS documentation I found out that setting up the OpenMRS sdk would be a good approach for me to get started on the project. Because the modules which involve in the development can be watched and can do the development to have the results in real-time.This is clearly documented in OpenMRS and I think it’s a great way for a new developer to get started working on a project.

In the first week of the coding period, my target was to work on identifying how we can use the ActiveMQ message bus we have and set up the project to get used to the Events module which is working as a Hibernate interceptor for the openMRS database.

We set up the project to use the events module and to capture metrics in the meantime. You can view the metrics repo here. I will be focusing on working on the flow to save the metrics in the next few upcoming weeks.

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