It’s been 6 weeks since the start of the GSoC coding period. After fixing the issue on the activator have some issues related to beans in Spring. Currently fixed it and now the modules API is working fine with the expected workflow.

I would like to thank @dkaiwa who helped out on fixing the issue last week.

Currently, the module is capable of capturing events fired by events module and building the related resources object and saving in the database for further reference. Also, it has the capability to filter out objects from the events module as well. We followed the same way that attomfeed module follows on filtering the resource objects which are required.

Also, I got some time to work with an on fhir module and worked a little bit on it to get the flow of how it works so it will help on writing unit tests for the metrics module. Sent few PR’s which are listed below to fhir2 module.

Looking forward to finalizing the client-side of the metrics module within the upcoming weeks.

#apache #opensource #openmrs