The global OpenMRS community works together to build the world’s leading open-source enterprise electronic medical record system platform.

During the 8 weeks of the coding period, I got the opportunity to involve with the community on working toward the main goal to improve health care delivery in resource-constrained environments by coordinating a global community that creates a robust, scalable, user-driven, open-source medical record system platform.

As usually had the sprint call with my mentors last week and defined the work to be done during the week.

For the metrics module, we thought of creating a Jira board and maintain project-related tasks there. Below is the task board for the project.

So during last week worked on below tickets

Below are the PR’s which closed the issues.

Next week I will be working on finalizing the DefaultMetricServlet which is working as the API endpoint for the custom metric we exposes from the module.

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